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Purchase a remanufactured Engine control module or transmission control module from ECU Warehouse and save up to 50% off dealers list price. We repair ECM ECU (Engine Computers) and TCM (Transmtest ecmission computers) for all vehicles including Mercedes Benz , Audi , Volvo and BMW. We offer free diagnostics, ECU repair, Engine computer testing and ECM flash programming. We have the same factory tools as most dealerships so we can do all of the programming for you. No dealer trips necessary and you will not need any expensive tools or scanners. All of our Engine Control Modules are plug and play and ready for immediate installation. Our sales staff and technicians are available to answer any questions you may have about your vehicles ECM , ECU computer problem. To get started simply select your vehicle from the list below or call us at 1-248-897-3268 or use our contact form to get a response by email.

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ECM & ECU Repair Questions And Answers

Post a question here about your ECU problem and we will respond within 24 hours. If you prefer a response by email : use our Contact Form. For immediate assistance call 1-248-328-2600. Our normal business hours are Mon - Fri 9AM to 5 PM Eastern standard time.

Name: Karen Thomas
Year: 2005
Vehicle: Chrysler Crossfire

QUESTION: Okay, I just found out by the Chrysler dealership that my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire
had a bad ignition coil that some how shorted out the main engine computer (PCM) power control module. The part number is A1121535379 and A1121537679 and the dealer says its made by Mercedes Benz The replacement part from Chrysler is 68027422AB and they called it the PCM or power train control module. Now my car will not start at all and they say its going to cost $2400.00 to fix it. Do you offer a cheaper option? And how does this process work? The actual part number in the vehicle is A1121535379 Bosch

mercedes-benz-repair a1121535379

ANSWER: Yes, we have a large inventory of Mercedes, Audi and Chrysler Crossfire engine computers. The PCM, ECM and ECU are all basically the same thing, just a different way of saying "Engine Computer". The TCM is the transmission computer (control unit) and its primary function is to operate the transmission. The engine computer (ECU) (PCM) is the Brain of the vehicle and it controls the firing of the cylinders as well as monitoring all of the sensors in the vehicle. Here at ECU Warehouse we offer 2 separate options for replacing the Crossfire PCM part number A1121535379 the other part number is A1121537679. The first option is we can provide an unprogrammed ECU that will require additional programming at your local dealership or repair shop. The second option is we can provide a fully programmed ECU that is ready to install and there will be no dealer trips required. This option will take more time because you will be required to send us your damaged ECU via the usps mail or Fedex so that we can match the immobilizer setiings, mileage, VIN number and ignition key to the new ECU part number 68027422AB. This is what most customers prefer it just takes a little more time. Typically 3-5 business days. Once we do the flash programming the new Crossfire Engine computer will be very easy to install. This way any local mechanic can do the work for you. Here is a pic of the ECU. This will give you a general idea of what the part looks so you make sure the correct part is pulled from the vehicle.

Chrysler Crossfire ECU Repair


crossfire pcm repair RL027422AB

Name: DAN
Year: 2006
Vehicle: Dodge Sprinter VAN 2500 Diesel

Question: When I push the gas pedal the response is too slow. When I press and hold it close to
the bottom it starts to give the engine power. Engine light stays on and I read OBD2 codes that P0121 sprinter pcm
and P0160. I replaced the throttle pedal position sensor and oxygen sensor and Glow plugs. Am I at the
right place? Now the Sprinter Van will not start at all and I get a code for internal ecu malfunction.
The part number is A6471532879. Do you have one in stock. Is this a Mercedes Engine or a Dodge?

Answer: Yes, we have the Sprinter Diesel ECU in stock. The most common part number to fail is
A6471532879. We also have the tools to program it to keep you away from the Sprinter dealership.
Sprinter and Mercedes dealers are very expensive.
Date Created: 2018-08-16
Name: james
Year: 2006
Vehicle: Mercedes ML350 Computer

Question: Dear ECU Warehouse. My Ml350 will only start if it is not hot, When an ice pack placed ecu ecm testing
on the ECM, it starts up in about 3 min,or less. car starts perfect as long as the engine computer is
cool. Is it the ECM or a sensor, I do need some help. Where is the ecm located and how do I remove it?
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer: Its hard to say. Can you bring the ML350 to our shop for an ecu diagnostic test . We have to hook up our autologic scanner to determine what the problem is. If the ecu gets hot then more than likely you have a
bad engine control unit.
Date Created: 2018-08-16

Name: Cyndy Gideon
Year: 2007
Vehicle: Mercedes R350 Ecm

Question: My Radiator fan will run at full speed when my 2007 R350 Mercedes Benz truck is turned on, the
sensor checked ok, no coolant issues. Check engine light comes on at different times. Could it be the
engine ECU? Why is my radiator fan running so loud and at full speed. It sounds like my truck is going
to blow up. I found this Youtube video about the fan problem with mercedes R350 ECU but does it also apply
to the R350? Is there any way too see if the ECU has water damage? We had a minor flood in Seattle. Do you have a pic of a water damage R350 ECU ECM engine control module.

Answer: Yes, the fan blowing at high speed is a very common problem with Mercedes Benz faulty engine M.E. control units. Watch our video on youtube for more information. Here is a picture of what a water damaged ECU ECM looks like. Just the slightest amount of water on the board can cause enough damage to shut down the entire vehicle.
Date Created: 2018-08-17

water damaged ecu ecm repair
Year: 2001
Vehicle: Mercedes S430 Ecm


Answer: Both part numbers will work and yes we have them in stock. Are you looking for a used control
unit or New?
Date Created: 2018-08-21
Name: Larry Strickland
Year: 2010
Vehicle: Mercedes C300 Ecm ECU

Question: The Passenger window will not work. The switch is good, motor and regulator work, fuses
are all good. I am told it is a problem of no communication with ECM. How do I correct that? The wiring
diagram is no help. Any help to solve my problem will be appreciated. The vehicle is a C300 2010 and I need a new ECM part number A2721535291.

Answer: The Window is not controlled by the ecu. Check to fuse box for shorts.
Date Created: 2018-08-25
Name: Hla Myint
Year: 2009
Vehicle: Mercedes S550 Ecm

Question: Dear ECU Warehouse , I would like to know if the DME Control is same part as the Engine G500 engine control module
Control unit or not? If please share to me which one is right part. Thanks & Best Regards.

Answer: Yes, the S550 ECU and control unit and DME are the same. The term DME usually refers to a BMW engine
computer. For Mercedes the engine control unit is called a M.E Engine Control.
Date Created: 2018-08-27
Name: Tony Dawkins
Year: 2003
Vehicle: Mercedes G500 Ecm Problem

Question: Can getting 2002 G500 engine compartment wet with a pressure washer ultimately cause the G500 ECU ECM to stop working. M.E. Engine Control Mercedes G wagon G500 Control unit to not respond to my key fob when turning the ignition on to try & start the car?

Answer: Yes, water damage is a very common problem with certain G500 Mercedes Benz trucks. The most notorious for water damage in the ECU part number A1131530579 is the G500 ECU REPAIR and G class G500 , G55 and G Wagon.
Date Created: 2018-08-27
Name: Sumit
Year: 2005
Vehicle: Mercedes E280 Ecm

Question: Hi I Need help. I Have fully charged the battery. But still no cranking. The cooling fan mercedes-benz
turns on at full speed. The fan is very loud and sounds like its going to blow up. Scan tool doesn't
show any temperature or DTC fault codes. Could it be ECU problem ?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. The fan will run at full speed on the C240 when the computer starts to fail.
Eventually the fan will wear out and quit working.
Date Created: 2018-08-30

Name: Barry
Year: 2005
Vehicle: Mercedes SL500 Ecm

Question: Aux fans ONLY work with A/C on. I do not know how these fans work by ambient air temp or
motor temp and if by either when should they turn on. tested the car today ambient air temp 104 no aux
fan car temp 100C no aux fan??? Any thoughts on whether this is a bad SL500 control unit. The ecu part
number is A1131535479

Answer: We have this part A1131535479 in stock but Im not sure whether or not this is your problem. I
would take the vehicle to an authorized Mercedes Benz dealership. They can run diagnostics on your Sl500
. Good luck.
Date Created: 2018-09-04

Name: Jeff
Year: 2006
Vehicle: Volvo XC90

Question: I have a 2005 Volvo XC90 that will not start so my question is can you repair and flash the 2005 or 2006 Volvo ECU for this year and model? I know ECU Warehouse carries the Volvo XC90 engine computer but I can not troubleshoot the vehicle by myself so any help you guys can offer is appreciated. If there is no communication with the scan tool then is it possible that the ECU has failed.
Answer: Yes, we offer ECU repair and ECU replacement for all XC90 Volvo models and years. Call us at this local phone number 1-248-897-3268
Date Created: 2021-12-04
Name: Ivan
Year: 2005
Vehicle: Mercedes S500 Ecm

Question: Hello i have a 2005 S500 ecu W220 2005 4matic 5.0L i got a problem with my ignition
swicth and i need to replaced it i just need the original SERIAL CODE of the IGNITION SWICTH please.

Answer: We do not sell the EIS ignition switch. We only carry computers for the Transmission and
Date Created: 2018-09-06

Name: derrick mccoy
Year: 2005 2006
Vehicle: Dodge Sprinter 3500 PCM Part number A6471532879 ecm ecu

Question: Is there an original configuration for Sprinter diesel 2500 CAN-Bus or does it vary
within the 2004 2005 and 2006 Sprinter Van? If not, do you have pictures of the original Sprinter ECU
part number A6471532879 and part number 6471532779?

Answer: We do a lot of repairs for Dodge Sprinter PCM ECM computers. The biggest problem with the
Sprinter ECU A6471532879 is the glow plug failure. Also you may get a no start no crank.
Date Created: 2018-09-10

Name: derrick mccoy
Year: 2005
Vehicle: Dodge Sprinter Ecm

Question: CORRECTION...Is there an original configuration for CAN-Bus or does it vary within the
Sprinter? If not, do you have pictures of the original configuration? Just need to know the setup of the
brown wires in the connector and which slots are left unoccupied.

Answer: Sorry, we need the Sprinter at our shop to run a ECU ECM test.

Name: Asem Hasan
Year: 2012
Vehicle: Mercedes S550 ECM

Question: 2012 Mercedes S550 ecu A2731535679 has a 6 second spinning delay until the vehicle
starts. If the magnet is removed it will crank right away. There were a few codes the engine was removed and the left side of the engine was repaired. The vehicle was put back together. And the coil pack was
shorted out so we had a misfire on 2 cylinders. After many cranks the code will reappear and the engine
light comes on the item that was repaired pulls back up if the codes are cleared you will get about 40
cranks and the error will return. We believe there might be an issue with the S550 ECU . Do you repair
ECU? #A2731535679 A2731535079 Thank you for your time.

Answer: Have you already replaced the crank shaft sensor? If so then I would say you may have a faulty
S550 ECU. If the part number is A2731535079 or A2731535679 then we can replace and program the control
unit and offer a one year warranty. The most common problem with the S550 ECU is that when it gets too
hot the ecu will fail and as a result it will stop grounding the relay for the fuel pump. A lot of shops
will replace the fuel pump first but that is just a waste of money.
Date Created: 2018-09-13
Name: Jorge sanchez
Year: 2004
Vehicle: Mercedes C230 Ecm

Question: Question on repair that was done to a Volvo computer I purchased from you.

Answer: Call us so we can discuss this by phone.
Date Created: 2018-09-14
Name: Leroy Ortiz
Year: 2002
Vehicle: Mercedes E430 Ecm

Question: Looking for the ECU part number A1131531279. The fan will not stop running at high
speedThe module for the cooling fan is the ECU.
Can you confirm this?

Answer: 1131531279 is a very common ECU part number for the 2001 or 2002 E430 Mercedes Benz. And yes the fan problem is very common. Call us to order A1131531279.
Date Created: 2018-09-15
Name: masroor
Year: 2007
Vehicle: Mercedes S550 Ecm Problem

Question: Hello, i live in dubai. my car is a 2007 s550 V8 engine usa specs,it has some strange
problem the engine cylinder misfires sometimes and it runs perfect sometimes, i also get fuel smell from outside and check engine light is on,on checking codes it tells tank pressure sensor,but i replaced it and fuel pump also but still same,sometimes check light goes away and S550 car is fine Then suddenly it starts missing on 2 cylinders again then check light comes back.it is like while driving 5 mins its v good and 5 mins jerking sometimes more sometimes less,1 garage told me it can be the ecu problem.once i checked the codes while car was missing power nd it showed multiple misfiring codes then sudddenly the fault codes went away. Can you test my engine computer ECU to see if its bad or to see if it needs to be repaired.

Answer: We do offer worldwide shipping and we also ship to Dubai. So that is not a problem at all. As for whether or not your S550 ECu is bad or not. We can offer a free bench test but you will be required to send us your damaged ECU by the mail. This may be very expensive from Dubai. As long as you can ship it to us then we can do a free bench test. This will be the best way to properly diagnose and test the ecu. This way we can determine whether or not to replace the faulty ECM or to repair it. Obviously a repair would be cheaper than purchasing a new S550 ECU computer.

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